Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Over Myself (Step One)

As I was doing the dishes the other night God told me to try posting some music online. (Are you sure God???) Well, a few weeks ago I wrote a song that I titled "Yours" and in part of the song it says that "the song I sing" is God's... so when He told me to post it somehow, I think He was in a way testing to see if I meant that. Was it really His? Would I do whatever He said with it? It so happens that I had already played around with recording the song, so all I had to do was figure out how/where to upload it and post it. I still have some kinks to work out, but I did it... and if you click on the title of the song down there, it will take you somewhere where you can play my song! (And no, I'm not singing, playing guitar, singing harmony and shaking a shaker-egg all at the same time... the computer program lets you/me record different "tracks". It's sort of like time-travelling or the movie Groundhog Day. But different.) To be honest with myself, God and you... I'll tell you that this is scary and I'm very tempted to tell you everything I hear wrong with the recording (my playing, singing, etc.) and would fix if I wanted to take the time. I have major issues with comparing myself to other musicians and caring about the fact that I'm not as good or entertaining or whatever. And God is telling me loudly and clearly to GET OVER MYSELF! This is NOT about me. It never has been and never will be. I have always known that all the glory belongs to God and I don't want to draw attention to myself, so I go to great lengths to avoid that. But in doing so, I also sometimes avoid opportunities to use the gifts God has given me. I get scared and end up chickening out for a variety of wrong reasons. So I find it very appropriate that the first song God is challenging me to put out there for anybody to listen to is about everything being His. It's His to give me, to take away, to use, to share, to encourage with, to challenge with. I have to stop comparing my gifts with other people's gifts and I have to remember it's all His. I'm all His. And you are too... And every single moment of our lives is meant to bring Him glory as we offer up and lay down our hearts to Him. Lord, it's all Yours. YOURS (CLICK HERE! and then click "play") This moment is Yours... let it bring You glory Before it is gone (this moment is Yours) let it bring You praise This moment is Yours... I offer it to You I will trust You and thank You in this moment This day is Yours... let it bring You honor Before the sun sets (this day is Yours) let it bring You fame This day is Yours... I lay it down before You I will serve You and thank You for this day My days and nights My past and my future The ground beneath my feet Everything I can see is Yours The air I breathe This heart that beats The song I sing Everything I am is Yours I am Yours... let me bring You glory I am Yours (with all I am) let me bring You praise I am Yours... I owe You my life I will love You, thankful that I am Yours and You are mine I love You I’m Yours Written by M. E. 5.27.08 Y, Melissa


  1. Anonymous9:28 PM


    That's a great one to teach your kids too.

    Thanks Melissa :-)

  2. I will have to listen to it later as my internet at home is too slow. But, the words are beautiful!

    I think the most difficult spiritual gifts are those that leave us feeling insecure about our part. We second guess ourselves, when we know we only need to trust. I have a hard time with this one myself, and have been guilty of saying "no God, I don't think I can do that" or even worse, "I don't want to." I'm sure glad He is a patient Father. Sometimes I feel like a baby Christian after many years.

    Good for you listening and doing what you were asked. You are a good daughter!


  3. Melissa,

    That's a great song! It's so funny that I'm being challenged with the same thing.

    It's a great start, with many more to come...I hope!!!

  4. Beautiful song, Melissa. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Melissa,
    I just found your blog via the comment you left on Kyle & Robin's blog. We, too, are adopting from Thailand. We're adopting a teenage girl. Please feel free to visit our blog.

    Chandra Regan

  6. AAAAAA!!!! I just want to hug you! It is soooo cool to finally hear your voice! There are so many things I want to say to you, I think I need to just email you so as to not take up a gigantic commenting space:-) Good job for getting it out there!


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