Monday, June 09, 2008

The Same and Yet So Different!

I've been thinking lately about Belly Pregnancies vs. Heart Pregnancies. Things like: The desire to know when the baby's due vs. the desire to know when the baby's coming home; Not knowing until you're in labor when it will happen vs. Not knowing until you get a phone call when it will happen; Ever-Changing Physical Appearance announcing that your life is about to change vs. Nothing anybody would notice (I hope!); Seeing an ultrasound of your baby growing inside you vs. Seeing a picture of your baby living on the other side of the world; Having the grocery store clerk ask you when you're due vs. wondering if you should say 2 or 3 when they ask how many children you have; packing a bag to go to the hospital vs. packing to go to Thailand; being careful about chemicals and caffeine and medications because YOU are your baby's environment vs. having no control whatsoever over your child's environment (except through prayer!)... But still there are so many similarities... Dreaming about what his personality is like, what he'll be when he grows up, what his name will be, wanting to get his room (which he'll share with Toby) ready, wanting to prepare the siblings for his arrival, falling in love before you've even looked into each other's eyes, lots of tears upon finally meeting (his because he doesn't really know who you are and yours because he's finally REAL and in your arms...) and mostly a deep sense of having to trust God and gratefulness in being able to, knowing that we are being blessed beyond measure with another little heart to love. I started "feeling pregnant" when our dossier was sent to Thailand... almost exactly 9 months ago. What's a few more months??? Just one more difference... Y, Melissa


  1. I loved reading this Melissa! It helps to know what you're going through as you prepare for your new little one. It really is so similar as pregnancy. I can't wait to meet him too!

  2. What a sweet, sweet post:-)

  3. This is so sweet Melissa. There are so many awaiting your new son too. I love reading about your journey. Thank you for sharing.



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