Friday, June 22, 2012

Risky Writing?

Risk... That was the writing prompt that Lisa-Jo posted on her blog today for her famous "Five-Minute Friday" writing challenge. For a long time now I've been intrigued by the idea... Five minutes of free writing with no editing and not too much over-thinking... It has always sounded fun. But have I ever done it? Nope. Am I finally? It looks like it.  I used to have a speed-blogging tag that I would write under occasionally but lately I haven't even had time to risk spending five minutes to write just for fun.  At least that's how I've felt.  Silly really, because I can spend or waste five minutes doing other things pretty easily without feeling bad. So why not the writing? I guess because it's riskier because it's out there for the whole two of you who still look at my blog every day to see. : )

But I think it's time and I'm hoping to, if nothing else, start risking again to write here out in public because one thing I've noticed lately is that when I write things down that I am afraid to admit I am even thinking or feeling... that in the writing down I am more honest. More honest with the thoughts and more honest with what I KNOW and maybe have forgotten is the TRUTH.

(And with that, my timer has gone off and I'm done!) : )

See you next week!!!!!  : )


  1. I'm glad you joined up with Lisa-Jo. I've been doing it for awhile and find that Fridays are my favorite writing time on my blog. I have been thinking a lot of the same things you said in your post about showing up and risking and writing real. Thanks for the extra encouragement.

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM


    I believe GOD is awesome and amazing in the way that HE brings people into our lives. Thank you for your comment on my blog - I am blessed to see how you have given of yourselves to be in Peru. Thoughts and prayers your way. Have a great weekend!!! Glad you joined Lisa-Jo...It's one one the only times I can blog and not worry about form and function. Just pure Jenn

  3. Dear Melissa,

    Writing can be risky and revealing. Goodness knows it's a way to work through our thoughts and feelings.

    I hope that you do take the time to write, even if it's for five minutes.

  4. You need to do something for fun--and you should feel free to have five minutes of fun time every day--not just on Friday. It is part of keeping your sanity in a foreign culture--mental health exercise, if you will. Having fun stretches our brain muscles so that when stress comes, they bend instead of break.

  5. I love this... it sounds SO therapeutic. And as you can see, more than 2 of us are looking at your blog, like me :).


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