Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prophetic Panettone?

Sometimes God takes my breath away, makes me laugh and almost cry at the same time.

The other day Lowell brought home a recent MB Herald magazine.  In it was a story written by a former MBMSI missionary to Peru called "The Peace of Panetón."  It was a touching story about the missionary sharing "Panetón" with some Peruvian neighbors and experiencing peace on earth in that moment of breaking bread together.  

The story explained that "Panetón" is "absolutely essential to Christmas in Peru."  I had no idea!  J  I read the story without realizing that "Panetón" in Peru is the same Panettone that shows up in North American grocery stores at Christmastime.  Eventually I figured it out.  And then I remembered.

LAST YEAR at Christmas, as we were out shopping in Fresno for who-knows-what, Lowell decided to buy a loaf of Panettone. On a whim.  No reason.  And then he declared that eating Panettone was going to be one of our new Christmas traditions. 


We had no idea how exactly right he was.

But God knew.

And this year, I’m looking forward to sharing a loaf of Panettone on Christmas Eve with our family.

It’s tradition.  J

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