Monday, December 13, 2010

Heart's Cry

Would you stop a minute and please pray?

This is Lowell's brother Rigo.  I got to meet him when he was visiting in Canada last month.  His people - WHO ARE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST - are experiencing severe flooding.  I talk all the time about my house being a disaster, but they are in the middle of a REAL disaster.  While you likely don't know Rigo or the people of Panama, you might be reading this because you care about our family.  Lowell's heart is breaking for these people that he knows and loves, so would you pray for them for our sake if nothing else?

Thank you...  Here's what Lowell wrote on our other blog.

Tonight my heart is aching for people that are hurting. I have been contacted over the past few days by friends and brothers in the MB churches in Panama, specifically in the Darien jungles and the city of Yaviza. Severe flooding there recently shut down the Canal for the first time for weather since 1914, demonstrating the severity of the situation.

An email tonight from my friend Obdulio indicated there is widespread loss of housing and property throughout these communities in the Darien. Families are being hosted in Yaviza, even though 80% of the houses there are without power, and there is some lack of water and food. The Pan American highway into the Darien is flooded, preventing most resources from reaching the people.

Here is a picture of El Salto, one of the communities in the Darien, from my brother Rigo:

Friends and family, pray for God to bring the resources necessary to restore the lives of these people. Pray that He will use this event to His glory, and that His church will be able to be an effective partner in this community restoration.

Thanks for letting me add this into the mix of this week.


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