Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank you Sheri!

My good friend Sheri pointed out the humor in my mentioning my blog on our annual Christmas letter when I haven't updated my blog in over a month. : ) Yep. : ) I was going to write something this afternoon, but didn't. And I would now, except that Mikaela was given "The Game of Life" yesterday by her Uncle Brad and, wouldn't you know it... it came without instructions. (It was an old set...) So she's waiting for me to teach her how to play, but I have to look online first for some instructions because I can't remember all of the rules. Don't we often find ourselves wishing for an instruction manual for "Life"? I'm so grateful - beyond grateful - for God's Word and all He teaches me through it! I shudder to think where I would be without His instructions for me. I'm so happy to have made it through this year memorizing more Scripture than I have in a very long time and I'm so excited that in a few weeks I'm going to be attending a celebration event in TEXAS at Beth Moore's home church with a bunch of other ladies who have been doing the same thing (memorizing the WORD.) It's such a bizarre thing that I'm actually going, by myself, with my husband's enthusiastic support, far out of town... I KNOW it must be because God has something to show me, teach me, or do in me there or it wouldn't be happening. Makes me grateful as well that I have such a good Instruction Manual to be memorizing because whether Mikaela is fully aware of it or not, I'm teaching her and her brothers more about LIFE everyday than they (or I!) realize! Anyway... I have more to say and will hopefully get to sharing it with you soon. I can hear Lowell asking the kids where I am and Mik's going to be wondering where her "Life" teacher wandered off to. See ya soon! Keep reading your Instructions!!!!!


  1. Yay, an update! I loved this one. Jacob loves to play Life. We have a very old game too and we are missing most of the little people pegs. I'm not sure we have directions either. But, it a fun game, and opens up conversations with him about how life changes.

    I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. Hope to see you tomorrow. I will be the one hobbling in...


  2. I have "Moorite" envy that you have 1) memorized and 2) get to go see Beth! Can't wait to hear about it! Do post -- do post!!


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