Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grand Finales!

What a week this has been!!! Thursday was Mikaela's last day of school and just in time, on Tuesday she made it into the Million Word Club at her school!!! That means she read over a million words this school year! Just to give you an idea what an accomplishment that is, the goal for 2nd graders is to read 75,000 words by the end of the year and only one other 2nd grader made it into the Million Word Club this year. (Yes, I am extremely proud of my little bilingual girl!!! Sorry, I can't help it!!!) Here she is getting her MWC shirt from the principal Wed. morning in front of the whole school:
With her teacher...
The front says: READ?
The back: I DO!
THEN, yesterday we all got to go down to the Fresno County Superior Courthouse and finalize our adoption of Timothy!!! It means he is officially, forever ours and we are so happy do be done with that part of the process. (We still have a few formalities like applying for his soc. sec. card and registering at the Thai embassy sometime, but the legal stuff is done! YAY!) After the court ceremony we celebrated at Timothy's Grandad and Grandma's house with lunch and lots of fun!
Waiting outside for our turn...

The Jury... : )

We're done! Our Finally Official Family!


  1. Woo Hoo! Yay! I still remember the day Joshua's adoption was final. It will be ten years next year. Your court room pics look so familiar. I'm so happy the legal stuff is behind you. It has been a long road. Congrats to all of you!


  2. It was so amazing to be a part of your day! I'm so very glad we decided to come!!!

    We had a great time with you guys. Looking forward to more times soon!



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