Saturday, February 07, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

On a lighter note, I just posted this on Facebook (I wrote it while I was sick this week... and in case you've been wondering, we are all finally well!!!!!) Anyway, I thought I'd post this here too... Just for fun! 1. I LOVE WORDS. I love talking, singing, reading, blogging, writing, word games… but I am especially talking about studying words and what they mean – especially words from the Bible. Finding out what the original Greek and Hebrew words meant (before they were translated into English) is like treasure hunting for me! I love it!!! 2. My first job was working the cash register at McDonald’s. Job #2 was at Domino’s Pizza where I answered phones, put people on hold (“ThankyouforcallingDomino’sPizza,willyouholdplease?”) and learned how to juggle with over-proofed pizza dough. 3. I played the clarinet from 4th grade through my Jr. year of high school and learned to play guitar in college so I could play and sing at the same time! But the instrument I love the most is piano. I hope someday to play better… but piano’s are definitely not as portable as guitars! 4. I speak Spanish well enough that I used to help lead worship in Spanish at church and teach Kindergartners and first graders in Spanish when I was a teacher before Mikaela was born. 5. I have a big mouth, but I prefer to say I have a “big smile” and I DON’T do the wide-mouthed frog joke anymore and haven’t since I was in college. So don’t ask. (I don’t stick my fist in my mouth anymore either.) 6. I have ADD. I can’t think when I’m stressed and I’m disorganized and almost always late, can’t judge how long things will take to do, can’t remember things, get obsessed about things and distracted very, very easily. Sometimes it’s sort of like my brain has a mind of its own. 7. I write music/songs and love to share it/them when someone asks or there’s an occasion for it, but I rarely just volunteer. 8. Spring is my absolute favorite season – the world comes back to life and the sun returns!!! 9. The first thing I remember about my husband Lowell was seeing his picture on a “Get Lowell a Date” fundraiser can at the snack bar in college my freshman year – and I thought whoever he was, he much have a good sense of humor to let his friends do that to him. (Or he had some funny friends – I was right on both.) J 10. I love sitting at the beach, listening to and watching the waves. Could do it for hours. 11. I love being in the mountains – especially near water. My favorite spot in the mountain world is the lookout over Kings Canyon just before you get into Hume Lake… Breathtaking!!! 12. I can’t believe I’m only half-way through with this list. 13. I don’t like big cities. Wouldn’t ever pick a big city to go to for a vacation… (Thankfully, my husband feels the same way.) 14. I love to bake but don’t like to cook. Too many things to do at once and too many decisions (and mistakes!) to make. And it rarely turns out the way I want it to. 15. But I make a really good chicken pot pie - from scratch! 16. I don’t like making decisions! The thing that has been stressing me about this 25 things list? That I have to decide who to tag at the end. (And do I check to see if they’ve done it already? Does it matter??? I don’t have that much time…) 17. I love carbs, but carbs don’t love me. 18. My husband still brings me flowers. : ) And I love him so much that one of these days he’s going to get his own list of 25 things I love about him because I could go on and on… 19. I love my kids and think they’re the greatest kids in the world – and I don’t take any of the credit for it. 20. I can’t keep my house clean. I thank God for and how she taught me to at least keep my laundry and dishes mostly under control. I’ll get the rest eventually! 21. I am NOT a morning person and never will be. 22. I am NOT a cat person and never will be. (I was bitten by a cat once…) 23. You can tell what kind of mood I’m in by how much I’m talking. The happier I am the harder it is for me to stop talking. : ) If I’m quiet, something’s probably bothering me. 24. My dream is to someday get to speak regularly at women’s conferences and retreats and meetings – to tell them all the amazing true things about Jesus – and to be on staff somewhere where I can do prayer ministry/counseling and help women live their lives in the FREEDOM God wants for them! 25. While I live and when I die I want to be known as God’s Friend – Someone who walked with Him… I love Him so, so much. THE END!


  1. Awesome list Melissa! I love that view before Hume Lake too! It's beautiful!

  2. If I lived there I would come over and help you organize. I know it sounds incredibly awful to most people but my dream job would be to be one of those "organization experts" that fixes messy houses. You could just tell me happy stories the whole time I worked. ;-)

  3. We have so much in common, it's funny. I love the beach and the mountains too. Funny about the mouth thing. Oh, I want to be in your group at the retreat, lol. Thanks for sharing. I think you forgot the tagging part... I'm going to have to find time for this. It looks like fun; a good may to procrastinate.


  4. Hi Melissa,

    I found your blog off of the LPM blog while I was putting up my 4th memory verse. I was excited because I saw that you live in Fresno. I currently live in Merced but I have family in Clovis.
    I look forward to reading your blog!

    In Christ,

    PS. I enjoyed reading your random list...I can identify with a few like the love of words and the view right before Hume.

  5. You are beautiful! I wish I knew you! HA HAHAHAHA!! (I still do that instead of "lol")

    I want to do one of these lists too...someday maybe...where does all the time go?!


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