Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Christmas is NEXT WEEK.  You are all probably more aware of it than I am.  It seems that every year I feel like I can’t think too much about Christmas until Mikaela’s birthday          (which was last Saturday) is over.  We had a lot of fun celebrating her birthday (party on Friday with a bunch of screaming happy girls that involved lots of glue and glitter) and ended with a trip down Christmas Tree Lane on Saturday.  Then Timothy was dedicated at church on Sunday morning, which was very special. 


I’m also leading worship at church again this week and helping coordinate the Christmas Eve service (for Christmas Eve of course)…  so blogging has once again been bumped off the “to do list”.  Because you do, after all, want to get a Christmas card/letter from us, don’t you?  (If you don’t think I have you address, you can email me and at least I’ll email you an electronic version. J)  I’ll probably post whatever we end up writing (because I can’t stand to send out a picture/card without a letter) here on the blog, whenever it gets written – which had better be soon if I don’t want people to get them after Christmas!


OK.  I’ll stop rambling.  Just wanted mostly to say HI and I hope you’re more prepared for Christmas than I am!  But prepare your heart, if nothing else, because that’s what gift Christ wants from you more than anything.  J







  1. I hear you on the Dec birthday. Nate's is this Saturday, 5 DAYS before Christmas. If I held up my cards until I wrote a letter (which I wish I had time to do) I would never send them. I was just happy to a family photo this year! Looking forward to seeing yours.


  2. merry christmas to you! i like what you commented on my blog about resting with Jesus while doing the dishes!!

  3. Hey Mel, check out Toby Smurf :-) Is he still feeling blue?


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