Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

(This is a poem I wrote last Saturday morning and sent out with some pictures to friends and family.  Most of you who are reading here probably got one, but in case you didn’t…  here it is!  Merry Christmas!  Things have been fun and crazy around here…  More info to come soon!)


08’s almost gone, 09’s drawing near

Much is the same, but Timothy’s here!

Born 7-07-07 (what a birthday!)

God brought him to us and he’s ours, here to stay!


In March, just a picture, a name & a promise

With July came a phone call! “Can you come in August?”

Mikaela & Toby would soon meet their brother

Surely we have a God who is like no other!


To Bangkok we flew as a family of four

August 24th, watched Kamin come through the door

And then, what adventure!  Elephant rides,

Cousins to play with, a new name to decide


Finally home from Thailand, a family of FIVE

A new toddler and jetlag… By God’s grace we survived!

Now Mikaela is 8, thriving in 2nd grade

And Toby is 5, still at home he does play


Lowell still works for the Housing Authorities most every day

But when he comes home, he’s ready to play

Melissa is grateful for all of God’s grace

As she serves at home and at church—what a pace!


And our youngest son? Mr. Timothy Kamin

Such noise does he make

Such joy does he bring, he fits right in!

Life is often crazy and full to the brim

Of lessons and love straight to us from Heaven


As we look to the future only one thing is sure

If we rest in God’s hands we will be secure

So in all of our stress and in every mess

Jesus, help us remember: WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Much Love,

Lowell, Melissa, Mikaela, Tobiah & Timothy






  1. Too cute!! I've always wanted to sum our year up in a poem and have never been able to do it! Very cool! I'll try to write more soon, but being on a computer AT ALL has been bumped off my to do list right now. Did you know we moved? A week before Christmas. so the last line of your poem is appropriate and understood in this family right now!!

  2. I hope you all had a blessed Christmas. Time to post some new pics; or are you still buried in wrapping paper :-)



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