Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Munchkins

Mikaela has a new haircut for those of you who haven't seen her lately. This pic is from Easter.

Tonight as we were getting PJ's on Toby was looking at a little plastic coin he had gotten at church today. All of a sudden he had a thought, gasped and said "Maybe I can take this penny to the airport and give it to them and then I can go on an airplane!"

Later as we were talking about weddings and such he said, "Mommy, someday when I'm a daddy and I go to a wedding I want to marry you."

Talk about sweet as honey... :)

Mikaela has a tummy ache and thinks if she sits up for a while (instead of lying in bed) she will feel better. What she really wants isn't to sit on my lap in front of the computer, but to sit with Daddy and watch TV, but she's with me anyway and wants to type some letters.

Mikaela es una Buen a amiga.

She just wrote that... She's in a really neat Kinder class where the instruction is 90% Spanish. Here's a picture of her and some of her amigas at the CSUF Farm.

But now she's going back to bed and I'm going to go watch TV with Daddy. :) Goodnight Y'all!

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  1. Kids say the cutest things don't they! And they are always coming up with ideas to get out of bed,too. Tonight Joel's reason was that he needed to give me a kiss.


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