Thursday, April 19, 2007


So I've been reading several blogs today written by women I've never met and I tell you, it has given me a case of "Blogitis" all over again. In case you don't know, "Blogitis" is a serious condition where the afflicted finds herself (or himself, I suppose) thinking, well, as if other people were listening... as if she were talking to someone and they were listening, which is sort of what I'm doing right now-- except that I'm typing and imagining that you, whoever you may be, are reading what I'm writing. The thing is that if you just talk to yourself, you're crazy. But if you blog then you're a cool techy hip blogger... with "Blogitis." It seems that people with jobs that don't require constant thinking are the most susceptible and will find themselves blogging in their head while doing laundry and the dishes. If only you could read all the things I've written that I haven't really written... :) (Yes, I'm going a bit crazy after all. It's the Blogitis, I tell you!) So why do I have this blog anyway? I'm wondering this because I think it will help me figure out how often I should be posting new entries and what they should include and all. So if you know, please clue me in. Cuz as far as I can tell, I shouldn't be doing this. It feels sort of hypocritical b/c I don't read a lot of other people's blogs b/c I don't have that much time. So why do I think anyone will read mine? Is this supposed to be a reciprocal thing? And do I really have time to write in this thing? And do I have anything worthwhile to say? And should I let my blog be listed on the blog list so anybody in the whole world can stumble across it and read it? Well, the good thing is (a favorite saying in my house) that I don't think it matters. I think I'm doing this for the fun of it. Because I like to write and think and talk and if I had time every single day to sit down with all of you and just chat I would! (That's what I miss most about dorm life... and having roomies who liked to ponder the depths of life at 2am) And this is the closest I can get, though since I don't know if anyone will read this or not it feels a little less intimate. :) Oh well. It seems like I'm hooked anyway. "Blogitis" is chronic, you know. It may go into remission from time to time, but it always comes back eventually. And hopefully, when it does, someone will be out there reading what I write so I won't just be crazy thinking and typing to myself. :) But if I am, that's ok too. At least I'll be having fun!

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  1. Coleeny Beany7:58 PM

    Just wanted you to know I read it...every single word...all the way to the end. And I conclude that you are no crazier thanI am. Does that make you feel better, worse, or indifferent?

    Love, your little sis


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