Thursday, April 10, 2014

Just some verses I found...

Scratched on a piece of paper, folded and refolded... probably in a pocket for a day or two earlier this year. In the process of moving out of our house I found this and thought I'd share with you these verses that are possibly songs but are certainly prayers, written a while ago but echoed in my heart today.

More of You

More of You, Jesus, and less of me.
More of your strength, and less of my striving stress.
More of your patience, and less of my snapping restlessness.
More of your endurance, outrunning my weakness and worry.
More of your faith, putting to flight my fears.
More of your love, sweet love, all over me.
More of You, Jesus, filling all of me.
More of You, Jesus.
More of You.

(John 3:30 "He must increase, but I must decrease.)


Jesus, You're my shelter
You're my refuge in the storms of life
Jesus, You're my Peace
I am safe when I'm by your side

Don't let me wander, don't let me stray
Without You I can't find my way
Keep me close, holding fast to You
By faith I know You'll bring us through

It's not for me to figure out
It's not for me to understand
My job is to follow You
As You lead me hand in hand

Jesus, You're my Light
In the dark to You I'll lift my eyes
Jesus, You're my Savior
Because I have You all I need is supplied

You are more
So much more than enough
I love You

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