Thursday, August 04, 2011

31 Days?

One of my favorite blogs is Emily Freeman's...  Chatting at the Sky  She is an amazing writer who I found last October when she was doing a series called 31 Days of Grace.  She and some other people out in Bloggyland are each doing a different series of 31 Days of Something and encouraging others to consider doing the same.  (Intrigued?  Check out her post here.)

So after doing my Lent series last Spring, I'm thinking that a Fall series might be a good thing.  Maybe.  But, I’m torn. In October I just might be in the middle of packing up our life to move to Peru. So I don’t know if that means it would be ridiculous to do something like this or that it would be a really good time to do something like this b/c it would be therapeutic for me.  (Because we all know I'm gonna need some therapy!) 

And since I can always change my mind, I’m gonna dream about it for now.  I think my 31 days would be 31 Days of Songs from My Heart… sharing songs I’ve written (at least the lyrics… not sure about ability/time to include more) and some of the stories behind them.  (And yes, I do have that many that I've written and more.  And counting.)  (I just get shy about sharing them.)

(And I know there's no law that says I have to wait until October or that I have to do it in October.  But I don't know very many people that run marathons by themselves.  So there is something to be said for doing it at the same time others are...  Otherwise I might not ever do it!)

So we'll see!  Let me know what you think!  : )  
You just might be able to persuade me...  ; )

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  1. Melissa,

    You make me smile and laugh. I just read this now. Do you know you have 6 parentheses in your short blog? I smile and laugh cause I write just like you... and was once nicknamed parenthesis :).

    Love ya!



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