Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This has been a really great week.  We had a nice day off on Monday after a very busy Sunday and yesterday I got to take a partial-day prayer retreat.  


Here are a few pictures from our Monday...

Brothers playing together while their sister was out clothes shopping WITH HER DAD!
I'm so happy to have this tree in our patio.  We had several of these at our house and I just love them!

Hot, fresh out of the oven bread.
There are so many wasps around this place...  I'm thankful nobody has been stung!
Can you see the pollen on this bee's legs?  Amazing!  And do you know that it's really hard to take pictures of bees?  They are always moving...  (Made me think it's another thing I have in common with honeybees...)
We've had a family of doves nesting above the boys' window.  Fun to watch them, although one of the babies mysteriously disappeared today.  Hoping it had nothing to do with the cat Lowell saw this morning!
Sunflowers from our dessert Sunday night...  It was so wonderful to be with our friends from our home church.  We shared with them, they prayed for us, we ate yummy desserts and we felt loved.

God is good.  I am thankful.

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