Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just about finished packing...

Amazing!  And still (ummm...  recalculating...) 10 hours before we board the first plane!  I had a frightening thought a little while ago about travelling all day and through tomorrow night (incl. layovers) and going straight to the Peruvian MB Conference from the airport...  wondering what I'm going to look like.  I was relieved when I remembered I would have my suitcase with me so at least I can change clothes somewhere along the way!  I have so little idea what to expect on this trip...  It's really a good thing the kids aren't coming.  I'm a much more relaxed traveler without needing to care for them.

I need to finish packing if I want to sleep tonight (which I do!), but wanted to mention Lowell has written something over here : that you can read to find out how you can pray for us if you feel the desire to do that!

Hopefully we'll be updating while we're travelling.  I am more convinced than ever this is what we're supposed to be doing.  I CAN NOT believe how at peace I am feeling right now and have been all day when normally packing for trips stresses me out like nothing else. (Not to mention that we're leaving the kids for way longer than ever before!)  Totally supernatural peace, friends.

God really does do miracles.

We appreciate your prayers for all the reasons my hubby mentioned in the other post...  so go read that one if you want to know more.  : )

Hasta luego!!!

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