Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mundane and Miraculous

Hi there... Nothing grand to say today, but I wanted to share with you something that's got me thinking and thanking right now. This week I've been reading about two families who I "know" through the Holt adoption forum. They are right now overseas getting ready to bring home their new kids. One family is in Thailand and the other is in India. Both are having beautiful experiences with their beautiful children!
I, on the other hand, am here. Here = getting ready to make dinner, helping my daughter finish her homework that has already caused much frustration this afternoon (how can it take sOOOOO long?????) (And, why are commas, those little marks, so confusing, frustrating and confusing to 3rd graders?). Feels a little mundane and not so exciting here. Life is full of all sorts of days and moments. Mundane and maddening, heartbreaking, deliriously joyful, clearly miraculous... all happening in different ways to different people all over the world at the same time. I don't know how God handles knowing everything at the same time. Just the fact that He can shows He is SO OTHER than we are.
Mostly I just wanted to share a little of the miraculous with you today in case you're stuck in the mundane and could use a breath of fresh air. Go check out these blogs and read about these families who are getting to enjoy the amazing (miraculous) blessing of adoption. I hope they make you smile.
Looking for God's miracles in today's mundane,

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