Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Home at last...

Well, we’re really home now. And really jet-lagged! Especially Timothy… Lowell and I took turns with him last night as he was up and fighting sleep and grieving last night from 11pm until about 4:45am when he finally slept for a few hours. But at least we know that we’re home, even if he doesn’t understand it yet. I just thought I’d let you all know we’re here and I’m going back to my once a week (or maybe twice if I really have something significant to say) blogging schedule. I probably won’t post again until this weekend sometime. Lowell is going back to work tomorrow for part of the day and Mik is going back to school and the boys and I will be here getting used to our new version of life. I miss Wicky (the amazing lady who did our laundry and dishes in Bang Saen) and Carmen and Andy and Connor and Isaac (who were happy to help entertain Mik and Toby and Timothy) but I know we’ll survive and the worst of it will be over soon (or someday anyway!). The suitcases will get unpacked and put away and we’ll get settled and little O will be back to his happy self once he gets his days and nights straight. I’m grateful for the time we spent getting to know each other in Thailand before we came home. While it certainly added to the number of transitions, it also helped us see what we have to look forward to once we’re settled and definitely made the trip home easier than it would have been otherwise.

Thanks for all of your comments and prayers and for caring about us. J

Love, Melissa

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there Your hand will guide me, Your right hand will hold me fast." Psalm 139:9-10


  1. congrats! I am very happy for you and your family!
    Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. I know you don't know me, but I'm an old friend of Lowell's. I love my friend's blogs and I've been happily following yours, especially since the arrival of your new son. Many prayers that he will feel "at home" very quickly.

  3. Blessings to you, Melissa, and to your family... ;-)

  4. Melissa, we can't even begin to tell you just how excited we are for you and your new family. We've been following each post, and contninueing our prayers for you all.

    AND my parents are headed to California for a reunion of all the Claassen siblings, and I fully expect Helen to bring pictures! :-)

    Welcome home and here's to a smooth transition to a family of 5!

  5. Hoping to see pictures soon!


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