Sunday, March 11, 2007

What Were You Made For?

Last month I was learning how to do some new things and feeling new confidence for a variety of reasons and it left me wondering about why and if I should feel better about myself or not. This is what I wrote in my journal: "Show me Truth about that, God, because I want my confidence to lie completely in You and not in a new haircut, new clothes, or anything else. I keep thinking about a sports car. (A convertible, by the way.) When it's all dirty and left in a parking lot or stuck in traffic or never driven anywhere except slowly around town is it a different vehicle than when it's clean, polished and flying top-down down a country road? NO! Which one is more glorious? The second! Which one is fulfilling its purpose? The second! Is it wrong for the car (or its owner) to think differently about the car when it's dirty and stuck than when it's flying and shiny? YES. Because the car is the same either way--but you can't see it or experience it for what it is in a traffic jam covered with dirt! We shouldn't think better of the car when it's clean--we should think better of it when it is still dirty knowing it was made for something greater than a parking lot. SO. When I start realizing I can do things I didn't think I could do before and start feeling more confident it's not wrong. I was wrong before when I was doubting and not sure of myself. You (God) made me and every other person on this planet to be beautiful, strong and free. Some are more broken down and dirty, but they are still made in Your image and it is our job to be in the restoration/tune up/repair business. You create miracles and we need to be looking for them and helping others to see themselves (and ourselves) the way You see us... as amazing reflections of You. As my confidence grows, Lord, please keep it grounded in You. I know and agree again with the Truth that You are the Vine and I am a branch and without You I can DO NOTHING-- but with You as I abide in you I will bear much fruit as You flow through me. (John 15) Wow. How amazing is that? And I was created to bring You glory and to advance the gospel. Help me to do that. Cheetahs were made to run fast. Eagles were created to fly. Dolphins were made to swim. I was made to be loved by God and to love God and to bring Him glory by talking and singing about Him." What were you made for???

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